9 Steps To A Better Offer

This is a booklet I put together to help buyers get a better understanding on how to strengthen their offer beyond just their purchase price.

This booklet was put together through my experience working with buyer along with what I see as a listing agent. It's a quick read that you may find helpful.

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Understanding The Probate Real Estate Process e-Book.

If you have questions when it comes to selling or purchasing a home in probate, I can help. I help Administrators, Heirs, and Attorney's on a daily basis with the probate sales process. OR, if you just need and probate attorney, I would be happy to refer you one.

I also have a booklet I put together on "UNDERSTANDING THE PROBATE REAL ESTATE PROCESS" that I would be happy to send you. Just click the button below for the e-book to be emailed to you.

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For additional information on PROBATE, I have a designated site: www.WinnProbateRE.com